The Western North Carolina Leadership Development Team has several opportunities to grow your leadership capacity this fall! Many of them involve meeting with your peers in a small group relationship in order to share in the growth process together. The Harvard Business Review talks about why this learning style is effective. Read the article and see the forthcoming workshops and retreats below:

Support Your Learning with a Community by John Coleman

We’re all born with a natural curiosity. We want to learn. But the demands of work and personal life often get in the way. The solution is to make learning a lifelong habit, and to do that, you need to be proactive. Start by articulating the outcomes you’d like to achieve. Are you looking to master a specific subject? Read books on new topics? Picking one or two outcomes will allow you to set achievable goals to make the habit stick. Next, find or create a group that has goals similar to yours, to make achieving them more fun. It may be a book group to discuss what you’re reading or a writing group where you edit each other’s work. You could also join an organization focused on a topic — a foreign policy discussion group that meets monthly or a woodworking group that gathers regularly to trade notes. You might even consider a formal class or degree program.

Make Learning a Lifelong Habit – hbr.org

If none of the opportunities below supports your leadership development needs, get in touch with Kim Ingram who will help connect you to others to form a learning community. Keep reading…

Called and Gifted to Lead

This workshop, October 23-25, 2017 in Hickory, NC, is sponsored and funded by the Leadership Development Team of WNCC. It is a 48-hour experience during which you remember your call and best ministry moments, celebrate your strengths, consider your current ministry, identify development needs, and create a 3-5 year plan for growth. Using feedback, small group experiences, and individual and group leadership coaching, you are able to create a self-directed, individualized plan for your next steps in ministry. Once you have completed the workshop, you are eligible for up to $1000 in scholarship funds to resource your leadership develop plan. Over 350 WNCC clergy and ministry professionals have participated in the workshop. You can too! The deadline for registration is September 30. Learn more and find an application at this link: http://leadwncc.org/called-and-gifted-to-lead/

Great Ministry in the Second Half of Life

A 5-day workshop – October 30-November 3, 2017 – Lake Junaluska, NC

By the time people reach mid-career, they’ve learned the basics of their work. The challenge of being new to ministry is gone and one’s attention turns to meaning and balance. Sometimes mid-career ministry leaders find themselves asking, “Is this all there is?” or “Can I keep up this pace for the next decade?” or “Is God wanting me to try something new?” Maybe you’ve been wondering how you can blossom and flourish in the second-half of your life. Or maybe you’ve been wondering how you can put aside the past disappointments so you can prosper in passion once again.

Great Ministry in the Second-Half of Life is designed for ministry leaders over the age of 50 with a minimum of 10 years of service to the church. In a beautiful retreat setting, we will examine research about mid-career, reflect on our own lives and passions, and talk with God and each other about how to find meaning, balance, joy and success at mid-career and beyond. Learn more and find an application at this link: http://leadwncc.org/great-ministry-in-the-second-half-of-life-rediscovering-meaning-balance-joy-and-success/

EQ-HR (Emotional Intelligence – Human Relations)

A 5-day workshop – October 30 – November 3, 2017 – Hickory, NC

The mission of EQ-HR to increase the effectiveness of leaders in faith-based communities. This workshop increases skills for pastoral leadership in clergy and laity, improves awareness of emotional intelligence and impact, enhances the awareness of the presence of God’s Spirit in group life. Thanks to a WNC Leadership Development grant of $1000/person (already paid) for 10 participants, the cost for you to participate is $367.   Learn more and register: https://www.eqhr.org/registration/5-day-hickory-nc

Preaching Well:  Purposeful and Intentional Preaching

Preaching week after week can be challenging. Instead of being a life-giving passion, preaching can become a burden of having one more task to complete. This WNC Preaching Well Peer Group will assist preachers who want to grow their preaching skills, feel burned-out, who dread preaching one more sermon, or who struggle in creating a dynamic and engaging sermon week after week. This preaching well peer group will explore the role of preaching in the life of the minister and congregation, help preachers find new ways and methods of preaching, and mostly help preachers rediscover the art and passion of preaching well. The first cohort begins in September and will be facilitated by Rev. Dr. Robert Brewer. Learn more and apply: http://leadwncc.org/preaching-well-purposeful-and-intentional-preaching/

Other Leadership Development Resources:

  • The Leadership Development Team has given grants to providers for other opportunities coming up that can be found at this link: http://leadwncc.org/leadership-development-opportunities-and-thanks/
  • Interested in a covenant peer group for support and accountability? We will help you find others to be in a group with you.
  • Need some guidance or input about developing ongoing spiritual formation? Try a spiritual development consultation.
  • Need help getting unstuck or overcoming a leadership obstacle? Have a one hour ministry development consultation to think through next steps.
  • Need to get your finances in order to be a better leader? Meet with a financial planner at a reduced cost or free. http://leadwncc.org/clergy-financial-planning-with-a-certified-financial-planner/
  • More spiritual renewal grant-funded opportunities will be available late in 2017. 

Check out the LEAD website at www.LEADwncc.org.

For more information about any of these programs or opportunities, contact Rev. Kim Ingram at kingram@wnccumc.org or 704-535-2260.